lab services

Nucleic Acid Extraction

A successful analysis begins with a sufficient quantity of high quality starting material. We ensure that the DNA/RNA from your sample meets the quality control requirements for your particular application.

Research & Clinical Applications: We use high performance protocols for obtaining purified nucleic acids from whole blood, PBMCs and buccal samples.  

Forensics: We also have advanced protocols for obtaining DNA from challenging and/or compromised forensic samples.

Genetic Variant Analytical Services 
  • single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)
  • gene copy number variations (CNV)
  • gene expression quantitation
  • methylation detection
Sample Tracking

Our proprietary cloud based laboratory information management system, SampleIQ™,  enables real time tracking of samples undergoing processing at all stages of workflow from arrival to our laboratory to quality control assessment and analysis results. You may also track which of your samples are in storage and  how much of your sample remains for additional analyses.  


We store your samples at -25C or -85C as required. All freezers are monitored in real time and are backed with uninterruptible power supply units.  

Core Instrumentation
  • Life Technologies QuantStudio 12K OpenArray System
    • qPCR based SNP & CNV detection, gene expression 
  • Qiagen Pyrosequencing
    • SNP detection, CpG methylation, short length sequencing
  • Applied Biosystems 3100 Genetic Analyser
    • Capillary electrophoresis sequencing

We support your bioinformatics requirements on a project by project basis. From statistical and data analysis services to interactive visualisations we can help you to analyse and communicate your data in industry standard and compelling presentations.    

Quality Assurance

Testing is conducted in a physical containment level 2 (PC2) compliant laboratory enrolled in the Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (RCPA) Quality Assessment of DNA Extracts (participant number 1319).