From 4 letters, innumerable possibilities.

Encoded within the sequence of DNA is a vast informational landscape rich in opportunities for medicine, wellness and anti-aging. Yet transformative as this information can be, it is often daunting – both in complexity and rapidly expanding knowledge base.

This is why DNAIQ is more that a contract genetic testing laboratory. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach to provide custom solutions to analyse, understand and identify actionable pathways from genetic data. This includes laboratory operations, informatics management, clinical research support and product development.

Whether you seek to deliver on the promise of personalised health or develop new products and services that involve genetic information, at DNAIQ we take care of the technology and science of all things genetic so you can focus on maximising value to your customer.

From 4 letters, immeasurable value.



DNA to Data. Data to Actionable Intelligence. DNAIQ.