our approach

Founded in 2013, DNAIQ is a privately held company based in Melbourne, Australia.

We employ a multi-disciplinary approach with powerful platform technologies to develop and deliver custom genotyping solutions. Our business model combines our in-house core strengths and experience as well as strategic partnering when required.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with access to best-in-class:

  • laboratory services for clinical, research and commercial applications in genomics
  • bioinformatic application development and support
  • evidence-based genetic biomarker panel development

Our vision is to help make genomic information accessible, understandable and actionable.

Protecting Privacy

The genome encodes an extraordinarily diverse range of information on the body including susceptibility to disease and ability to resist environmental challenges. As useful as such information can be it has potential ramifications for life and health insurance and genetic discrimination. Importantly, genetic information from the person tested is revealing about their untested blood relatives including unborn children and grandchildren.

We assure the anonymization of all samples we test and provide guidance on best practices for managing the security of such information.

Evidence Based Practices

We work closely with our customers to foster an evidence based approach when using the data we generate. There are two key questions we encourage our customers to strongly consider:

  • the best available evidence on the association between a gene and trait
  • the impact on the use of genetic information to the end user

DNAIQ is there to support best practices on the selection and utility of genetic information.


Genomics is an exciting discipline being driven by rapid advances in technology, a vibrant and diverse international research community and progressive medical professionals keen to translate research to patient benefits.

We value, support and strongly encourage an inclusive and learning workplace.